Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Whats wrong with Satan..?

I have only briefly tried to understand Satanism.. (no not what a christian would think). But the true / real satanism that is being practiced. From what I read and understand (don't have the satanic bible) but true Satanism teaches true freedom. Freedom from everything, law, order, self respect, self control. When one goes to ponder such freedom, you would think that the natural response to such an idea would be enticing, well it does sound good on the surface, [I can do drugs and have no guilt? I can steal without thinking about what it does to others? I can sleep at night being free from the constraints of society and religion? I can lust after another? I can have uncontrolled greed? I can have free sex?]

The problem when we throw away religion is that we allow all the idiots who need those rules free roam on our planet. I would like to further develop this idea because it does fascinate me. When I was a teen I thought Anarchy should prevail and now.. I understand that I personally may be able to handle anarchy or I may be able to handle true freedom from the rules given by government and religion but there are many others who cannot handle the power and responsibility and until we are free from idiots we will have to continue to be sheep.

Speaking of sheep, I have many times called the masses, the drones, the static in my life "sheep".Well last Sunday while I was sitting in a christian church I realized the openly call themselves sheep. Seems peculiar, I do believe in god but I don't think that he wants me to be a sheep, he would want me to be the best being possible and fitting in, being a dumb sheep seems totally opposite of what he would expect from his greatest achievement (speaking of that, you ever think that perhaps god has moved on to better things?) Forgot about us since we can be a little boring? Wow a whole other topic.