Saturday, August 2, 2008

Literalism and the bible

One thing that comes up time and time again is that the bible is to be taken literally. That god created everything in 7 days, that there are no allegorical stories in the bible, (Jesus really did walk on water, Moses really parted the sea so on and so on..).

Well I have this question, If Adam and Eve were the first two people on the planet as the bible would have you believe (if you were to take it literally) then who did Cain marry? If you go on the net and look it up, you have all kinds of interesting answers but they all hold true to the fact that Cain married his sister and that because he was a pure human he would not get the effect of marrying his sister.

Come on really, you really want to believe that he married his sister? That all of his brothers and sisters hooked up with each other, then in turn their offspring "had to hookup with their cousins" to populate the earth. Seems odd to me especially seeing that god forbids this practice later in the bible (during the time of moses). Now if I understand this correctly all of us are just a bunch of inbread descendants of Adam and eve?

While researching this I noticed that alot of the christians point to a passage in Romans that talk about how only the children of Adam can be saved. Well I find this to be an odd passage seeing that WE ARE ALL FREAKING DESCENDANTS OF ADAM ACCORDING TO THE BOOK that makes this statement but who am I to question it all.. ohh wait I am a human with the brain that my creator gave me. One that demands that I question everything.